Thursday, October 21, 2010


I dont understand a lot of the comments, he seems like a pretty cool guy. He seems like the type of person I usually associate with as well, and I wouldn't mind being friends with this particular individual. Seems like he carries himself very well, on top of that he seems very fashionable.

I am more then envious of his artisan quality conversational skills with women.

Clearly his musical inventiveness and intellectual comprehension is misunderstood by the appointed and established 'professionals'. Could it be that Chazz is the modern day Picasso of music?

Chazz is clearly a very humble character reminiscing us of his beloved locality. His cunning and mannerisms knows no bounds as he carefully explains his incomparable approach to women with his heightened vocabulary.

Please comment, let me know what you guys think of this gentleman. 


  1. this man is our next president

  2. Anyone more want's to beat him up?

  3. I am legitasballs and yes ... my balls are also legit. I will never EVER get tired of Chaz ... ever

  4. I couldn't even bear to start the vids. I hate those sunglasses, bro.

  5. He;s pretty typical if you ask me.